Embarkation Protocols – Greece

Page updated on 3rd October, 2023

Current Requirements

We have put together a simple guide to help you understand what is required for you to embark your cruise from Greece hassle free. Please read the below information carefully and note that the requirements to join a cruise ship differ from that of the Greek government entry requirements.

If you have any questions arising from this document please contact our customer service team.

Travelling into Greece

We recommend that you check entry requirements in regards to travel from your place of origin. Requirements to enter the country may differ from one country to another.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is strongly recommended for both your cruise and entire trip, from the time you leave home until the time you return.

Step-by-Step Guide to Boarding Our Ship

Document Check

You will need to present your e-ticket, passport, visa (if applicable), and the public health questionnaire downloadable here. The health questionnaire should be completed no earlier than 24hrs prior to the cruise departure and handed in to the land staff at embarkation.

Luggage Drop

Once you have successfully completed the document check you will then proceed to the luggage drop off point where your luggage will be tagged with your stateroom or suite number. Your luggage will be scanned for security reasons by the local port authorities and then it will be transferred to the vessel for further delivery to your stateroom by our crew members.


Once you have dropped your luggage, you are clear to proceed into the terminal and carry out your check-in with our embarkation team. Here you will present your passport, this will be exchanged with your boarding pass which must stay with you throughout the cruise. Your boarding pass acts as your passport when visiting ports, as your personal identification card onboard, as your stateroom key and also your on board charge card for purchases. If you have booked a suite, SG, SB on Celestyal Olympia and SP or SG on Celestyal Journey, please contact our land staff who will ensure that check in is done swiftly. A specific line will be reserved for those of you who have already completed the online check in where our staff will assist you promptly. Your passport may be kept by the ship’s purser to clear immigration at every port and returned to you the night before the end of your cruise. You will be asked to register a credit or a debit card against your stateroom or suite, to allow purchases of any extras on board. Please note: cash is not accepted on board in any of our bars, restaurants or shops. Instead all purchases are charged to your account and settled at the end of your cruise. In case you require assistance with a wheelchair please contact our land staff.


Once you have completed your check-in you will proceed to security. Just like the airports you are required to put all your belongings you are carrying as hand luggage into a tray and pass them through the scanners. You will have to pass through the walk through metal scanners. If you have a medical condition which exempts you from passing through the scanners please advise the port security at the time and have any supporting medical certificates necessary to present. For items that are not allowed on board, please see "What not to pack".

Embark the ship

It is just a short walk or shuttle bus to the ships gangway. When entering the ship our security will scan your boarding card to register you are on the ship. Please note your boarding pass will be scanned every time you embark or disembark the ship. Please do not attempt to go ashore without your boarding pass, as you will be denied entry or exit.

Lifeboat/Muster Drill on Day 1

To comply with all safety regulations and ensure the highest safety standards are maintained, one guest drill and various crew drills and training exercises will be conducted during the cruise. A compulsory passengers’ muster will be held prior to departure. You will be required to wear your life jacket and to muster at your muster station where you will be given safety instructions and become familiar with your station. The time of the drill is notified in the daily program and will be communicated by an announcement over the public address system and the sounding of the emergency signal.

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