Pockets of secluded white sandy beaches, lush green valleys and a treasure trove of historical monuments – your tropical island awaits.

Rugged white cliffs soar towards the sky, crystal beaches magically appear and lush green landscapes stretch as far as the eye can see – Kos island is a beauty to behold. Once you step foot on its shores, you’ll discover a bounty of ancient monuments, pristine beaches and rustic mountain villages.

Kos Town’s picturesque harbor and magical atmosphere will have you hooked from the very beginning. You’ll stumble upon countless ancient relics that now blend into modern life and a rich picking of tavernas, monuments and museums. Seek out the medieval Knight’s Castle for a tranquil explore of the island’s past.

Delve deeper into the countryside and travel along the fringes of the island, and you’ll come across countless natural and historical treasures waiting to be discovered. Mystical white cliffs host secret secluded spots like Bravo beach. Picturesque mountain villages nestle between wooded hills. And ancient relics take you back to the times of Hippocrates.

Emerging from a small break in the cool pine forest emerges the impressive archaeological site of Asklepion, an ancient health and healing center dating back to the 4th century BC. With panoramic views over the island and vistas towards Turkey, the atmosphere here is inspiring. A striking Doric temple to Asclepius with seemingly endless columns reaches to the sky and relics over three levels reveal a story that will whisk you away into the world of the ancient Greeks.

In a sheltered wooded setting looking out to sea, the village of Zia is nestled the slopes of Mt Dikeos and offers a unique glimpse into local life. Handmade arts and crafts adorn the village walls and shops, local herbs release their woody aromas and traditional buildings remain unchanged since by-gone eras. Climb up to the cathedral for the most spectacular panoramic views over the village and the entire island, and soak up the peaceful, serene atmosphere.